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Partner 2: III-V Lab

III-V Lab is a private research lab set-up between Thales, Nokia and CEA/Leti under the Specific French legal entity (Economic Interest Grouping), with 120 research staff including 20 PhD students.

III-V Lab focus on III-V semiconductors technologies development and their integration with Silicon circuits and micro-systems for different applications as Defence, Security, Space, Aerospace, Transportation, Optical and Wireless Networks and Communication Technologies.

The in-house technology development cycle includes Multi Physics Modelling, Material Growth (Epitaxy), Wafer Processing and Measurement;

In BOROGaN project III-V Lab will grow GaN HEMT heterostructure, process microwave HEMT devices and do the full DC and microwave electrical characterization.

Moreover III-V Lab is in charge of the project management.
III-V Lab building in Palaiseau